About Us


We all used to have corporate backgrounds. Accountant, HR manager, banker, brand manager and Office Manager. Now we show visitors through Bucharest and force them to overeat on delicious local food.
We started THE ARCHIVE in 2018. We wanted to chat with people from abroad, eat some food with them, and make new friends. We take great pride in highlighting the best secret bites loved by locals and overlooked by tourists. We were all born in Bucharest. We love the city and we think it’s contagious. It’s a vibrant city with a lot of history behind the landmarks and each tour will help you uncover Romanian culture and life in Bucharest. Join us for a leisurely walk in the main areas to find out what’s so interesting about our capital!


We were bored of seeing everyone having the same experience when we travelled, and we were frustrated with having to spend hours researching places and making lists of recommendations from blogs, Instagram, Foursquare, and Yelp only to get basic tourists info and not the local secrets. We love to be social, love to eat, drink and to walk around. SO…we decided to give anyone visiting Bucharest a real Romanian Experience.


Quitting her busy lawyer’s position to pursue her passion, Alice has been running a tight ship ever since. Because she cares. If you’re a friend – or a guest – she will do whatever it takes to make you happy. Because your vacation is her vacation.


A veritable expert on where to go and what to eat in Bucharest. It would be hard to find anyone who knows the food scene better than Andrei who, as well as being a qualified tour guide is also a theatre actor.  Andrei, when not guiding, is constantly looking for the best restaurants and bars across the city to ensure the tastiest and most authentic experience for all those who join us.


Dan is one of the best city expert there has ever been! Fun, energetic and extremely knowledgeable.

With degrees in Law and Arts, he will make you fall in love with Bucharest rich history plus he knows all the secrets and hidden gems.


Maria has the will-power of a 4-year-old when it comes to junk food. Nutella, French fries, burgers and pizza, you name it, she’ll eat it. She loves the stuff and isn’t afraid to overshare her dirty secrets. She also has an unlimited source of incredibly funny stories and an open book who just loves people. Need a recharge? Book a tour with Maria.

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